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Could President Trump be a future Nobel peace prize winner?

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Could President Trump be a future Nobel peace prize winner? The president of South Korea sure thinks so.

The leader says Trump deserves a Nobel peace prize for his efforts in ending the standoff with North Korea over it's nuclear weapons program.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong Un met over the weekend to put a formal end to the Korean war.

President Trump is preparing for his own summit with Kim which he said will take place in three to four weeks.

Ohio governor John Kasich, however, says trump is a long ways away from that coveted award.

"It's a long way between the lip and the cup." says Kasich. "We need to find people who are going to be rational people who are going to search for the truth who are going to be objective. The people who are extremes on the polls they're not the one that can call the tune"

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