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Oreo has some interesting new flavors and people don’t know what to think

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DALLAS -- One of America's favorite cookies is at it again!

This time around, Nabisco is taking a page from many of those chip companies, like the Plano based Frito Lay, by coming out with several odd flavored cookies chosen by die hard fans of this iconic brand. All part of the #MyOreoCreation contest.

The three competing flavors include Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, and Pina Colada (perfect for the poolside)!

What do folks really think about the taste of these bad boys? We surveyed some NewsFix employees and got to the bottom of it.

"Eww. Oh no. No, no. No, that's bad," said one employee surveyed. Doesn't taste like kettle corn. Just not good!"

"I'd buy it for fun. But I wouldn't eat it on a regular day but its not that bad," said another.

But think about it: what makes an Oreo... an Oreo?!

"It's the flavor inside the cookie and you cant taste it," said one employee after tasting one of the new flavors.

Exactly. And  the result of the informal survey? These new flavors, like many things in life, are either a hit or miss.

It just depends on who you ask.

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