Risky Business: Dallas-based model turned businessman creates One Vodka

DALLAS – When Donté Dean sought out a career change, the actor and model traded head shots for a shot at owning at his very own liquor company. And he scored – with One Vodka.

"Vodka is more my style. It fits me and it's what I drink,” Dean told Newsfix.

So, what makes this drink worth sippin'?

"It's distilled in France, in the Charente region of France,” Dean said. "There's a fresh spring river that region of France, that's where the water comes from. And then the grain is specifically grown in that region as well. With One Vodka it won't take much. It's good on the rocks, martinis would be great."

That all sounds nice and fancy, but we wanna know the most important question – will it give you a hangover?

"The hangovers come from it not being really well made,” Dean said. “But also, adding sugars and other mixers to the vodka."

if you want to try it out for yourself, Sip on This: 3eleven Kitchen and Cocktails in Dallas' West End is using One Vodka for their signature drink: The Risky Business.

"For One Vodka it's One taste, One life, One love,” Dean told Newsfix. "And it's about bringing people together to celebrate life."

Local, and meaningful? We'll drink to that!