New Boerne .5K run changes the marathon game with beer, coffee, and donuts

BOERNE, TX-- Not everybody is equipped to run marathons, but fortunately for the less athletic, there's a race for even the laziest folks: the 0.5 K Run for Underachievers in Boerne!

That's a little over a quarter of a mile. So, you probably won't see much running but, you will see beer!

That's right! Participants get a free pint at the start of the race!

Also,  if runners need a break, there will be a coffee and donut station set up at the halfway point. And for stress relief, you can even take smoke breaks in this race!

When you finish, you get a sticker and a medal. So, everybody wins!

Apparently, for a lot of people, this kind of thing was right up their alley because registration filled up fast!

So, the organization is now offering a procrastinators prize pack for the folks who missed their chance to sign up.

The package lets you pretend like you participated. You get a t-shirt, participation medal and a bumper sticker all for $25!

This race isn't all fun and games. The proceeds from the event go to a local charity!

Now that ought'a make you run for it!