Chefs cook for a cause in Dallas to help reduce food waste

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DALLAS - Studies show that 40 percent of food produced in the US is going to the garbage after you're done eating, but one group is trying to change that.

Compass Group USA is hosting events across the country to raise awareness for what they're calling 'Stop Food Waste Day.'

They're bringing in guys who know grub best, to show you how to do it with some "no waste" recipes.

"Utilize all of the product that we have, nothing hits the trash," said Chef Andrew Swanson from Wolfgang Puck. "So with my carrots, we're taking the whole carrots, we're not peeling them, we're cooking them into the soup."

Just goes to show that you can make A1 meals and make the world a better place.
But, if you're still on the fence, just ask yourself, what would Captain Planet want you to do?

"I feel it's not just about food," said Chef Patton Robertson from Cafe Momentum. "It's a lifestyle now. It's about recycling, it's about composting, being a better person to the earth in general."

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