Kidd’s Kids: Teen gets long overdue good news with Teen Trip to Disney World

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Logan Martin was in for a big surprise when she learned she was going to Disney World on Kidd's Kids Teen Trip with her entire family. The timing is extra special.

"It's my birthday," Logan said of the trip on the day she found out.

That's right. Logan, who suffers from cerebral palsy, will celebrate her 17th birthday at Disney.

It was good news the family was long overdue for. "My grandmother passed away yesterday," Logan's mom said. "And her brother, we lost him in a motorcycle accident in September."

Logan's mom, Brandy, knew the chance to go to Disney would be a huge opportunity for their entire family, but especially Logan. "I thought if we were to get it, it would be such a wonderful time for her, so she could build some positive memories," Brandy said.

Her dad, Marvin, agrees and says Logan is an inspiration. "She is, for both of us, she's our hero," Marvin said. "Super strong young lady. All these things that she's been through, it's made her a lot stronger."

And you can't help but notice that Logan never stops smiling. "I stay positive by being with friends and being happy more and not thinking about all the bad stuff that happened in my life. Keep trying to be positive and what not," Logan said.

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