Scientists say Uranus smells like your anus

HILO, HI -- This just in! Uranus smells!

According to a real study done by real scientists, the gas giant has an atmosphere made of hydrogen sulfide,. A.K.A., the stuff that smells like rotten eggs!

Experts sniffed out the discovery using a spectrometer on NASA's Gemini telescope in Hawaii, which is over a billion miles away from Uranus's smelly surface.

So the good news is, if anyone is ever lucky enough to reach Uranus, no pun intended, no one would be able to smell the toxic gas. You know, because it's space, which means suffocation and negative temps would kill you way before the rotten egg smell would.

Willaim Herschel, the guy who discovered Uranus, wasn't too far off about Uranus being a gas giant!