Majic Mic 🎀: These celebrities successfully dipped their toes into politics

Celebrities use their platform to entertain the masses and some make the decision to take their platform a step further to influence policy and promote change. Our president had made several TV and movie appearances along with his own reality show prior to being elected. He's not the first or last celebrity turned politician.

We all know former President Ronald Reagan and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger were actors before getting into politics. But did you know child actress Shirley Temple Black became a U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and to Czechoslovakia?

Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of Carmel, CA and appointed to the California State Park and Recreation Commission.

Before announcing his resignation in 2017 over allegations of sexual harassment, writer and performer on Saturday night Live Al Franken became a Democratic senator for Minnesota.

Sex & The City`s Cynthia Nixon, announced she`s running for governor of New York.

Sonny Bono, Jerry Springer, Kal Penn, just to name a few, have all turned their celebrity platforms into political platforms.

But there are some that miss the mark such as Clay Aiken who ran for congress in 2014 andΒ Wyclef Jean registered to run for president of Haiti in 2010.

Better luck next time fellas because if Donald Trump can become president, anything is possible!