Dallas Cowboys’ top brass talks NFL Draft

FRISCO -- The NFL Draft buildup is ramping up!  And, while the event's purpose is primarily for picking prospects, there's a lot more going on throughout the week around DFW.

Tuesday afternoon, the Cowboys held their customary pre-draft news conference at The Star in Frisco to discuss this year's goals. Though of course, they wouldn't get specific about any players they like so as not to tip their hand to other teams.  But, they did acknowledge that wide receiver and linebacker are two positions of great interest to them, and owner/general manager Jerry Jones promised he's sticking to the team's game plan and won't try to make a splash just to steal the spotlight in his stadium.

"I would not in any way impugn the integrity of our decision-making in the draft room by throwing a helicopter in the middle of it, okay?" Jones said with a laugh.

Jones drew another laugh when he interrupted head coach Jason Garrett's response to being asked about the amount of swearing he's caught on camera doing in the upcoming Amazon documentary series on the Cowboys' 2017 season, "All or Nothing," saying, "What the **** are y'all getting to?!"

While the draft itself does not begin until Thursday night, draft-related community events have started to commence.  Tuesday morning saw about 500 kids take part in a Fuel Up to Play 60 event outside AT&T Stadium.  The NFL program encourages kids to exercise for at least 60 minutes each day, and former Cowboys star DeMarcus Ware was on hand to give an extra boost.

"[When I was a kid] I was playing football outside, baseball, running track, any type of sport that I could play, because I didn't want to go home unless it was meal time," Ware said with a smile.  "This right here is what we're trying to teach [the kids], to instill the old values so they can be healthy."