Thieves caught on camera stealing woman’s wallet in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH - Take a look at the surveillance video above. It shows a man creeping up on a shopper April 1 at a grocery store in Fort Worth.

Security video from Winco Foods in the 8900 block of Tehama Ridge Parkway shows the man reach into a woman's purse and steals her wallet. A second suspect is seen watching the incident from afar. You can see them both walking away; it's clear the two suspects are working together.

The woman's credit cards were used at multiple locations following the theft.

The suspects are described by police as a black male, between 35-45 years-old with a slim build, and a black female, also between 35-45 years-old with a slim build.

Fort Worth police are warning residents about leaving purses unattended. If you recognize the suspects in the video, contact the Fort Worth police.