Behold the Halo: Church to host Beyonce mass to uplift marginalized women

SAN FRANCISCO-- Beyoncé killed it during her Coachella performance and the bee hive has been buzzin' ever since.

While we know Beyoncé fans worship the ground she walks on, it's The Vine church in San Francisco that's feeling the sting after announcing a Beyoncé mass.

Beyoncé at Church? Critics quickly claimed the church should honor Jesus and not Beyoncé, but the church says that's not the case.

Instead they're using Beyoncé’s music to discover how her art speaks to the marginalized and forgotten, particularly black women, according to their Facebook page.

But maybe Beyoncé’s been giving us Madonna and child vibes all along. Anyone remember the first picture she posted with her twins?

If you're interested, the mass will be held on Wednesday April 25th in San Francisco.

Maybe this is proof that all you need is your bible and a little Beyoncé.