Houstonians pay respect and say goodbye to former first lady Barbara Bush

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HOUSTON -For one last time, the people of Houston have a chance to pay their final respects and say goodbye to former first lady Barbara Bush, who is now lying in repose at saint martin's church.


Some Houstonians got an amazing surprise when they visited the church since the 41st president, George H. W. Bush, was faithfully at the side of his wife's casket, greeting the public.

Some folks began waiting in line at 4 am to make their way to Saint Martin's Episcopal Church when the viewing began at 12 noon.

One lady drove through the night all the way from Florida to pay her respects to Mrs. Bush.

A tender moment occurred when the former president sat in his wheelchair facing his beloved's wife's casket.

After 73 years of marriage, it has to be hard to say goodbye to such a legendary lady.

And certainly, there will never be another like her.


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