Simon Says: No Bias here! I Figured Out The Best Lesson from Starbucks

I guess the buck really does stop at Starbucks.   No buck$ for an afternoon in May because thousands of stores are closing, so employees at 8,000 locations get racial-bias training.

It’s the kind of training, a now former manager in Philadelphia could’ve used after two guys were arrested for trespassing because they didn’t order anything.

I’ve seen people hang out at a Starbucks for so long, I really think they live there.

Starbucks is doing a good thing by hitting the pause button, taking a step back, so it can look in the mirror and improve.

What a concept!  Take a breather, to figure out how to relate better to people.

Don’t you think others could benefit from the same kind of thing?

A breather from Twitter might go a long way for President Trump.

You hear what the NRA sounds like lately.

They might want to calm down, take an afternoon off and ask if there's a better way?

It doesn’t matter where you are politically folks. Groups like PETA could also use a day off to take a step back and ask if they could improve on some of their protests.

Hell, we ALL can improve our lives if we just take a few precious hours and step off the train of life and ask some honest questions.

A well-known high school kid named "Ferris" near Chicago said it best: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.”

And now Starbucks isn’t missing out on a chance to be better and perhaps learn a latte!