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Kidd’s Kids: 13-year-old describes Teen Trip of a lifetime

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DALLAS - For Alex Beckwith and his family, the 2017 Kidd's Kids Teen Trip to Walt Disney World almost wasn't a possibility.

"Leading up to the trip, Alex was really sick and we were in the hospital for about three weeks," Alex's mother told Morning Dose's Courtenay DeHoff. "We were hoping he was going to recover in time to make it to the trip."

Alex, 13, suffers from mitochondrial disease, a disease which affects his ability to properly burn food and oxygen to generate energy. Thankfully, Alex pulled through, just in the nick of time.

"I was very sick," Alex said. "You know that was amazing; it was God's work."

And Alex tried to contain his excitement about one of his favorite moments from the trip. "Probably getting to ride on the new Pandora. It was just breathtaking; really awesome," he said.

Awesome in more ways than one, according to Alex's parents.

"To get there and not only be able to create amazing memories, but we made some amazing friends that we have stayed in touch with, and continue to stay in touch with. It's just been so much fun," Alex's mom said.

"I thought it was awesome," Alex's dad said. "It's always a joy to see Alex smile and see Maddie smile. So any time that the kids can have that, it is great."

Smiles are one of many reasons Kidd's Kids makes sure the entire family goes on the trip. When I asked little Maddie, Alex's sister, what she enjoyed most, she said, "Swing and carousel!"

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