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“I Can’t Fix This.” Southwest 1380 passenger immediately started helping others

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DALLAS--Just hearing about what happened on Southwest flight 1380 was scary enough.

But Peggy Phillips lived it.

"When the masks dropped down, I thought, okay, this might be it," she said as she arrived back home in North Texas Tuesday night.

"It's one of those things that you have no control over. This is not something I can control. I can't fix this. So I felt a sense of peace."

And at a time when many people would have panicked, this retired registered nurse went to work trying to help those around her, first with oxygen masks, and then with something more serious.

"The window had broken and the suction, the negative pressure had pulled her out of the plane, partially," Phillips said. "They managed to get her inside the plane and we laid her down and we started CPR. We continued that for about 20 minutes."

That woman, Jennifer Riorden of Albuquerque, didn't make it. She leaves behind a husband and two children.

Peggy's got high praise for the passengers, the crew, and especially the pilot, Tammy Jo Shultz.

Shultz quickly brought the plane down when they lost pressure, made a safe emergency landing, then went into the cabin to help the passengers.

"For her to land us safely with no hydraulics and an engine out was a miracle," Phillips said.

Now Peggy's thankful--and philosophical.

"Every moment you have on this earth, you need to cherish it. You need to value it," she said. "And you need to cherish the people that are around you and treat people kindly. It might be your last chance to do that. We just don't know."

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