How to update your Dez Bryant jersey

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Dez Bryant getting cut by the Cowboys has left fans with (at least) one big question: What are we gonna do with all these Dez jerseys?

Well, Dax Schaefer may have your answer. He runs the online store TheNameChanger, where you can order custom nameplates for jerseys of players who have left your team. And he's already seen a big surge in Dallas interest.

"About 80% of the inquires were all Dallas Cowboys jerseys and about 30-40% of my sales were all Dallas Cowboys.

Schaefer, from Wisconsin, got his start in the jersey-name-changing business when -- Can you guess?? YEP!!! -- Brett Favre left the Green Bay Packers.

So if you can't bear the thought of Dez on another team, you can turn that 88 uni into a Michael Irvin throwback, or just go crazy with it! Because these jerseys are expensive and you can't go buying a new one every time Jerry cuts somebody!

"Our motto is, 'Change the name; don't change the jersey,'" Schaefer says.

And just hope that Dez doesn’t come back to haunt the Boys in a new jersey!

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