Dallas’ The Green Room unveils mural honoring veterans

DALLAS - Preston Pannek finally finished the 10 mural he's donating in Deep Ellum.

This one is honoring military troops and veterans and it's based off an award winning photo by Deep Ellum photographer, Jeremy Lock, who served himself.

"It felt right, to do this as the last one to give away, right here," Pannek said. "This one really spoke because of the breakdancing Marine, part in it, it had the Deep Ellum vibe."

"Our military, our brave men and women, who are out there protecting our white picket fence, our 2.5 kids, at the end of the day, these guys are kids," Lock said. "And I think it puts a human aspect to our military."

Tuesday night they are unveiling the mural at The Green Room. They are dedicating it to the brave people who serve the country.