‘Killer Grandma’ last spotted in Texas after killing husband and Florida woman

FT. MYERS, FL -- A murder, a stolen identity, and a grandma: three things that'll make you say WTF to this story!

Police are on the hunt for Lois Riess who allegedly shot and killed her husband in Minnesota in March before running off to the Sunshine State!

But she wasn't looking to catch any rays, because that's where Riess met Pamela Hutchinson.

The two met in Fort Myers where security footage shows them becoming fast friends, but instead of drinking Mai Tais on the beach, detectives say Riess eventually killed Pamela and stole her identity.

Pamela Hutchinson (Facebook)

"My cousin went out helping the world," Hutchinson's cousin Daniele Jeffreys said. "She befriended this woman, the woman probably gave her some sob story, she took her in. She was giving to a fault, to her death."

Investigators believe the reason Riess became friends with Hutchinson was because they kind of look alike and it would be easy for her to steal her identity.

Now, there's a nationwide manhunt underway for the woman many are calling the "Killer Grandma." She was last seen in Texas, driving her victim's car in the Corpus Christi area.

Hutchinson's Uncle, Vincent Watts said, "There was no ID on her whatsoever, charge cards or anything, and she was shot, I think right through the heart,"

Border patrol is on the lookout for Riess, but authorities say she could be desperate and looking to kill again.

"It's not necessarily her, or whatever. It's just evil that flowed through, because how can you go around killing people for no other good reason than to keep herself out of prison?" Jeffreys asked.

A great question to ask if police ever catch up with her!