Brother of woman attacked by 4 pit bulls in South Dallas says she`s out of ICU

DALLAS-- A neighborhood is South Dallas is still on edge after a woman walking alone was attacked by four pit bulls and had to be taken to the hospital.

"Yeah, it was bad, but she's going to heal," says the woman's brother, Erin Proctor.

Around two in the morning at a home near Fair Park, a group of dogs got loose. Wrong place, wrong time for Proctor's 35-year-old sister. "She don't even know who saved her," he says.

Two neighbors woke up to the attack, came to her rescue, and pulled the dogs off her.

"It could have been someone's grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle." Says Proctor.

Thankfully she's out of the ICU, but she's got major injuries to her head, on her back, and under her arms. "I'm thankful she's alive because I already heard about the previous attack," Proctor said.

He is referring to the woman who died back in 2016, about a mile away after being attacked by stray dogs. "Well, hopefully, the owners or the city, whoever is responsible get a grasp on it, because there are a lot of people who walk these streets, it's not just my sister."

Another woman in the neighborhood says, "That's the scary part, if you're just out, in the neighborhood."

So far, the owner of the pit bulls hasn't been cited.

Police say he helped animal services round them up before they were taken.

However, this story is far from over, the Crimes Against Person Unit will be investigating.

"I am pretty sure a lot of people keep their dogs in the back of their homes to protect whatever they have on their properties," Proctor says he wants someone to be held accountable!