“Mission Accomplished”: Trump orders airstrike on Syria

WASHINGTON, D.C.- "I'd use three words to describe this operation: precise, overwhelming, and effective, said Lt. General Kenneth Mckenzie.

Those words come after President Trump ordered a series of airstrikes in Syria Friday night.

This comes after an alleged chemical weapons attack last weekend, leaving dozens dead and hundreds more gasping for air.

These were the sights and sounds in the City of Damascus as tomahawk missiles rained down on targets.

The airstrikes targeted three specific locations:

  • A chemical warfare technology center in the Damascus area.


  • A chemical weapons storage site west of Homs.


  • A nearby command post, also a chemical weapons storage site.


In total 105 missiles were launched with no civilian casualties.

President Trump tweeting Saturday morning: “mission accomplished!”

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an emergency United Nations Council Meeting, saying the airstrikes violated international law.

Now investigators from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has arrived in Damascus on a fact finding mission to find out what's really going on in Syria and how to keep its citizens safe.