Lock your tailgate… words from Dallas truck owner who caught criminals on cam!

DALLAS-- Alright, so you’re forced to park your car on the side of the street, or somewhere you feel isn’t safe.

Most of us are smart enough to lock our cars, some even take their belongings out of the back. But, if you have a certain type of vehicle, there’s a hot crime going on in Dallas that you are going to want to do something extra about.

Chris Riddle was inside his house on the corner of Hall and Thomas Avenue in Old East Dallas, near Uptown.

From his window he could see was someone standing next to his truck that was parking on the street.

“I basically thought I had interrupted the robbery.” he says.

He quickly pressed record on his phone and ran down the stairs into the street.

“I thought he was trying to rob the back of my truck to get tools out of it, and never in a million years would i have thought they were going to steal my tailgate.”

It wasn’t until the car sped off that he realized his tailgate was missing!

“It had a backup camera, everything."

A crime that took less than 30 seconds.

I want to say 12 to 15 seconds," Riddle says,  "and I timed myself running down those stairs and it’s about 13 seconds I come up with right there, and I am in flip flops.”

15 seconds to get away with around $5,000!!!

Riddle called the police, and showed them the video of the car he says the criminals drove off in. He's hopeful they will be caught, however, he's already ordered another tailgate.

"You don’t realize how important a tailgate is until you lose it.”

Riddle says police are seeing a lot of tailgates being stolen because it’s such an easy crime.

Tailgates don’t even have a VIN number to track.

Officers told Riddle for around $20, you can get an extra lock to protect yourself.

“You’re not going to stop them you are going to slow them down. That’s the main thing, you are going to slow them down.”

Riddle says if he could have slowed down the people who stole his tailgate, even by 5 seconds, he could have stopped them.