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Fading Memory: Millennials don’t know what Auschwitz is

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DALLAS-Seven decades after one of the worst genocides in history, we remember the Holocaust.

Thursday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, marking the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps.

But a new survey done by the claims conference says two thirds of all millennials don't know what the Holocaust is.

Here's how those numbers add up: while there were over 40,000 concentration camps all over Europe, 45 percent can't name one and 58 percent believe something like the Holocaust could happen again.

Mary Pat Higgins, the President and CEO of the Dallas Holocaust Museum about the fading memory of the Holocaust.

"It's the paradigm that happens when state sponsored hatred goes unchecked and it's something that we really need to remember to prevent something like the holocaust from happening again," she said.

Higgins says the best way to make sure future generations remember the Holocaust is through education.

"We've had teachers come to this museum that ask did this really happen," she added.

For the estimated six million Jews who died at the hands of Nazis, we owe it to them to always remember.

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