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It’s Shotime: Shohei Ohtani making a name for himself as a pitcher and hitter

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ARLINGTON -- His name – Shohei Ohtani – may not be a household name in the states just yet, but if he keeps up the success he’s had in the very beginning of the baseball season, it soon will be.

“He's just amazing. I mean, when do you get a pitcher and a hitter in the same ability? So you know, we’er here to see history in the making," said one fan who traveled all the way from England to see the Angels and Ohtani play.

You see, Ohtani, a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels is a dual threat. He can pitch with the best of them (he had 12 strikeouts in only his second major league start) and has a talent for hitting the ball very, very well. This kind of dual threat hasn't really been seen since the Babe Ruth era.

Heck, ESPN is reporting that an autographed rookie card of his just sold for nearly $7,000! Which probably has some wondering how much a baseball would get you.

The Angles are currently in Arlington for a three game set with the Rangers. And baseball fans – even in Texas – are excited.

“Well, I've heard a lot of good things about him, and I’ve seen what he’s done in the first week, player of the week and all that, so I could tell he's really good."

Now, listen: we really do wish him all the best. Unless, of course, he's taking on the hometown team.


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