7-year-old Austin girl youngest to climb Kiliminjaro while drunk man climbs the Alps after getting lost

AOSTA, ITALY -- We all do stupid stuff when we're drunk.

Text an ex, get in a fight, order an entire pizza for one. Ok maybe not that one, but one guy was so hammered, he got lost on the way to his hotel in Italy and ended up hiking the Alps! As in the mountain range!

He ended up making it to a closed restaurant on the mountain he was on and was found by staff the next morning with two empty water bottles next to him, which were probably used to nurse a hangover and hydrate after a tough hike!

By the time he was found, a search party had already been called for the drunk tourist. Police say he'll be fined for his drunken night adventure but won't be charged with a crime.

Now, there is someone else who also had quite an adventure, though she climbed the mountain on purpose.

Montana Kenney from Austin became the youngest girl to reach the tippy top of Mount Kiliminjaro at just seven years old, and it's all for her father who died in 20-13. She said "the higher I go, the closer I am to him in heaven."

No matter how they got there, reaching the top of a mountain certainly ain't easy!