Mom turns to social media after American Airlines plane panel falls on son’s head during DFW arrival

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DENVER, CO -- Turbulence isn't the only thing you need to look out for on a plane. You might also want to watch out for the ceiling panels, because you never know when they might fall on your head.

One Denver mom says that's exactly what happened to her one-year-old son on an American Airlines flight into DFW. Jennifer Zanone shared a post on Instagram and Facebook tagging the airline with a clear message.

The mom said in part: " Your planes are falling apart and hurting people... At least have the decency to make sure to follow incident reporting procedures."

She said she waited at a customer service desk on arrival for over an hour and a half but supervisors were too busy to help her.

After tons of response to her social media posts, she later replied and said that the airline had reached out to her to help her resolve the issue. She also mentioned that her son Joey was doing well.

The airline released a statement in reference to the issue that said, "American's primary concern is for the Zanone family and their young child."

"Customers trust us to take care of them and we take that responsibility seriously," the airline continued.

The company has already reportedly inspected and repaired the plane.

Maybe American Airlines can truly clear the air.

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