DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S03 Finale: Will the Legends defeat Mallus?

Hello, my Legends Legionnaires!

Amaya takes the Spirit Totem, Mick the Fire Totem, Zari the Air Totem, Nate Wields the Earth Totem and Ray the Water Totem – and the final Totem Death goes to Damien Darhk? This isn’t going to go badly, is it?

After Kuasa’s death last episode, Amaya has stolen the jump ship back to 1992 to prevent the destruction of Zambesi. If that’s not enough, Gorilla Grodd has reappeared in 1979 to kill a college-age Barack Obama. So Sara sends Nate and Wally to stop Amaya and the rest of the team to save young Obama.

The Grodd resolution was relatively quick despite getting most of the attention in our episode preview. A little Grodd smash, a little Obama wisdom and some light banter ending with Ray shrinking Grodd down small enough to fit in jar. The quick ending did give us more to our season long plot as Damien decides to side with the Legends in hopes of saving his daughter Nora from becoming Mallus, because his release means her death.

Only one more time anachronism gone awry is needed to release Mallus from his time prison so our Legends race to Zambesi to assist Nate and Wally and stop Amaya from saving her village. But uh-oh, Nate has already sided with Amaya and said screw history with him revealing himself to the elder Amaya and our Amaya convincing her daughter Essi to take the spirit totem to defend Zambesi from the Warlords would destroy it.

With that plan already in motion, Sara sides with Nate and Amaya! Maybe the only true way to defeat Mallus is to release him and use all six totems to end him once and for all. So, our Legends divide up the totems with Damien taking the Death totem.

Moments before the battle, Nora, in a vision, comes to Damien pleading for her life resulting in Damien turning on the team… shock! Shock, I tell you!

While Essi powered by the Spirit totem has no problems taking down the warlords, she is no match for the surprise of Gorilla Grodd who had been released by Damien after his vision of Nora. And thus, Mallus is freed in all his winged-demon, evil glory!

Kudos to the writers for coming up with the clever way to have Mallus voice actor John Noble pop up as himself!

When our Legends note the uncanny vocal similarities between Noble as Denethor in Lord of the Rings and their foe Mallus, Ray travels to 1999 and the set of the Lords of Rings to fake script rewrites to get the actual John Noble to read lies intended to dupe Nora. So much fun!

And with that, we’re down to our season finale. Can our Legends defeat Mallus? Guest-stars Jonah Hex, Constantine and the return for Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson will certain be on hand to assist. But, producers have said not all of our Legends will continue past the finale. With Legends having been renewed for a fourth season, we do know that Agent Ava Sharpe and John Constantine have joined next season as full cast members.

Legends, Romans, Time Demons, lend me your ear! It’s the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow “The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly!”

Cuddly? Is that a Beebo reference?