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Candice Crawford Romo returns to CW33 to talk Children’s Cancer Fund’s Dallas gala

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DALLAS - Candice Romo stopped by CW33 to help spread the word about the Children's Cancer Fund and their 30th annual gala, coming up April 27. Candice didn't need directions to the studio, since she's a former CW33 sports reporter. 😉

More on that in a minute.

Children's Cancer Fund is an organization that helps children and families who are battling cancer, and they need your help with the 2018 gala. That's why Candice stopped by for a chat during Morning Dose. She brought cancer patients and CCF Annual Gala 2018 models Isabella and Caroline with her, to tell us more about the big event.

"Children's Cancer Fund was started by parents that had children who were fighting cancer a long time ago, in 1982," Candice said. "The organization funds research and treatment programs, like ChildLife."

ChildLife, one of several CFF programs, provides play rooms and family rooms for young patients who spend their entire days doing things they don't want to be doing. "It's an atmosphere that makes the days seem not so hard and not so long," she said.

Isabella and Caroline are just 2 of the gala fashion show's 22 stars who will be walking the runway with local celebrities. "They get to be escorted by Troy Aikman, as you saw earlier, Roger Staubach, um... I heard Tony Romo's going to be there," Candice said. How does she get this great scoop? 🤣

"It's going to be a fun event," she said. "Tony's going to be DJing, too."

The event's theme this year is A Sweet Candy Wonderland, and as Candice says of the young cancer patients and models, "It's all about them."

Laila Muhammad asked Isabella and Caroline if they wanted to talk about what being a model in the fashion show means to them. "No," Isabella said. Caroline didn't make a peep. They both just smiled. 😂

You know, we never realize how models are often very shy people.

The sweetness of the kids is a reminder for Candice, mother to three young boys, how easy it is to relate to these parents who find their children in the fight of their lives.

"It was a no-brainer to get involved with this organization," Candice said. "It's just such an amazing cause and event."

And to return to the station where her pro career began after college and be able to talk about her passion for CCF? The cherry on top.

"This was my first job out of college!" she said. "And if it was not for this station, I would not have met Tony." 😍

You're welcome, EVERYONE.

So with all of her broadcasting background a husband taking on a new role as sportscaster this past year after retiring from the Dallas Cowboys, is Candice doing a little coaching? "You would think," Candice said. "I went to college for this and then he doesn't even have any training and he's rockin' it, so... I'm a little jealous of his natural abilities."

Get in line, Candice darling.

To check out Tony's (and many other local celebs') moves on the runway AND, more importantly, to help CCF meet their $1 million goal:


Children's Cancer Fund Annual Gala
6:00 p.m. Friday, April 27, 2018
Hyatt Regency Dallas
300 Reunion Blvd
For tickets and more information on CCF, go to

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