Haslet junior has been running her own business since freshman year

HASLET, TX — She’s only in high school, but Jakayla Dixon is already a business owner, entrepreneur and motivator, and now she’s our Class Act of the Week.

Jakayla is a junior at Eaton High, where she is a part of the school’s Academy of Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

“I applied to the business academy when I was in the eighth grade. I got in and I’ve been here every single year,” Jakayla said. “Being in the academy has created such a supportive environment.”

She’s already taken her knowledge from the classroom to the real world. Jakayla saw a real need thanks to her aunt.

“She lost her eyesight over 20-30 years ago due to a bad eye surgery,” she explained. “I noticed some of the struggles that she faced on a daily basis and one of the common things she would always ask me was, ‘Kayla-poo, what color is this?'”

That led her to start her own company when she was just a freshman.

My company is called Feel the Color, and Feel the Color is a company that creates embroidered fabric tags with braille, alphabet lettering and symbols so that those who are visually impaired can literally feel the color of my clothing,” Jakayla said.

It’s been up and running for nearly three years now and Jakayla regularly gets to motivate her peers, speaking at all kinds of events and she hopes that she can motivate everyone her age to follow her lead.

“I tell kids all the time, find something that you care about so much that you can’t sleep at night because it keeps you up so much and just go for it,” said Jakayla. “Do whatever you need to do to make that dream come true.”

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