100+year old community church house in Old East Dallas destroyed by fire

DALLAS- The Emanuel Church House has been in Old East Dallas for well over 100 years.

But, thanks to a fire earlier this week, this historic building is now wrapped in caution tape surrounded by the ashes of planned community projects.

"They've had Sunday school classes here, there have been weddings here, and other outreach kinds of ministries," said pastor Cindy Carroll.  "We're very involved in the neighborhood with all the changing needs that have happened here."

Pastor Carroll says this house wasn't just for members of the church.

They regularly hosted meetings for recovering addicts in the building, and were working to renovate the home to offer more opportunities to people in the neighborhood.

Now, they're starting from scratch.

"That's where, now, our focus is," Carroll said. "We want to know our neighbor. We want to know who lives here and how we can serve you. It was going to open up to a new purpose."

But a little ashes and smoke won't stop a good deed.

Pastor Carroll says whether the church house is standing or not, they're committed to working for this neighborhood and the people in it.

"We are here to serve this community," she said. "We will continue to be a beacon of light."