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Erin Brockovich visits North Texas to discuss Plano water concerns

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WYLIE- Clean water activist Erin Brockovich and her team are in town after Plano residents said their water had a funny smell and taste.

Brockovich didn't show for a tour of the North Texas Municipal Water District facilities this morning, but community members were still able to ask their questions about the water, face-to-face.

Bob Bowcock is a water expert who works alongside Brockovich and he says Plano's water isn't too far gone, but that their treatment process definitely needs to be refined.

"I think that during the chlorine burn, it's unsafe," Bowcock said. "I think that there are some precautions that could be taken to prevent that, and I think that the engaging in the activity of a preventative chlorine burn is unnecessary."

"We're going to look at that," said Tom Kula, the director at the water district. "And that's not to say that we haven't looked at that in the past."

District officials say the treatment process was only temporarily altered for their annual chlorine maintenance process, and that the water meets or exceeds all regulations.

But Bowcock says the regulations are a part of the problem.

"Regulation of drinking water in this country is 30 years behind science," he said. "It's not providing any margin of safety."


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