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Oprah attends Minnie’s Food Pantry Gala in Dallas

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FRISCO – O, what a night! And by ‘O’ we mean the one and only Oprah Winfrey. The billionaire made her way down the red carpet with Minnie's Food Pantry owner Cheryl ‘Action’ Jackson at Tuesday night's annual gala which took place at the Omni Hotel in Frisco. A moment that was eight years in the making.

"Cheryl has been a student of mine since I started on the Oprah Show,” Winfrey told Newsfix. “And literally, the principle that she understands is the principle of what you put out is going to come back. And that is true for every human being. In people who can do because what you want to do is support people who can be sustainable. When you do the work, people will see you do the work. And when they see you do the work, they will help you rise."

Other stars that came out to support include gospel mega-star Donnie McClurkin, Emmitt and Pat Smith, and boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

"I happy that I'm in a position to have three meals every day,” Mayweather told Newsfix. "I've been giving back 22 years now. I will continue to give back financially, give my time."

Once inside, Oprah requested $250,000 dollars of pledges from attendees, but that goal was quickly surpassed – exceeding one million dollars.

Truly, a magical night for a woman creating magic in so many lives here in the metroplex.

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