Dallas expert says teens doing dumb internet challenges is nothing new

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DALLAS-- It seems teenagers are synonymous with doing dumb stuff, and we might have the internet to thank!

You know, the trend of people sticking condoms up their nose and pulling it out through their mouth. Or the eye ball challenge, the cinnamon challenge, the car surfing challenge, the fire challenge.

And let's not forget the whole Tide Pod thing.

Elizabeth Scrivner, a therapist with Park Cities Counseling says the seemingly fresh internet trends are anything but new.

"I remember the first time i had milk and i did a handstand and it came out my nose." says Scrivner, "Teens aren`t different, they are the same, they just have ways of showing us what they are doing."

Remember when your mom said, "If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?" Yeah, teens don`t get that.

"That`s the part of their brain that has not grown yet," says Scrivner.

While mistakes are part of growing up, there is a bonus here. Kids thinking it`s a good idea to post these dumb challenges.... parents, you know exactly what you ask your kids about!

"They don`t connect the dots., says Scrivner. "One of the things that I have coined, and have been saying recently is, until we continue this conversation, because no conversation is ever really over!"

Yeah... and neither are these internet challenges.

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