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Dallas-made T-shirt pokes fun at bike share trend

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DALLAS--Another day, another bike you have to maneuver around.

Dallas bike share has become kind of a joke around town.

If you have joined in on the laughs, you might be excited about a t-shirt made by a local artist.

Mariel Pohlman designed it for the Deep Ellum Arts Fest coming up in April. “Driving around town, these big piles of bikes." She says Lime Bikes have been on her mind a lot lately. “How can you not notice?”

Sure, some people find the bikes fun, but they have been getting a bad rap lately. “People that are just so opposed to it that every time they see it, it just makes them so mad,” says Pohlman.

They aren’t for sale until the Art Fest (April 6-8), however people online are already talking about them.

In fact, the person printing the shirts was laughing so hard, he put a preview on Reddit for the trolls to do their trolling.

If you want one of the t-shirts, they are $20. They are going to be for sale at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival on April 6th through the 8th. You can find them at the Lewellyn's Print Shop t-shirt booth.

Some of the proceeds from the shirts will go to the Deep Ellum Community Association. They are an all-volunteer community group with a goal to preserve the neighborhood and advocate for its safety and welcoming spirit.

It's the organization that did the Deep Ellum Urban Gardens Project.

A limited number of shirts have been printed, but Pohlman says if people really like them she’ll make more.

However, the sad truth is that the shirt isn’t going to fix the bike share problem. “I think everyone is curious to see how it’s going to work out.”

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