15-year-old girl from Benbrook is stacking cups, records, and YouTube followers

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BENBROOK-- Have you ever seen someone stack cups?

Well, you likely haven't seen anyone as fast as this Benbrook 15-year-old. Meredith Anderson started stacking cups in kindergarten, but didn't really start getting competitive until 5th grade.

"I don`t really think about much, just stacking," she says.

For a woman in her age group, Anderson is number one in Texas, number one in the nation, and number 10 in the world.

Yeah... she's stacking trophies, too. "Thirty minutes a day." She says, referring to how she got so good.

She's even competed in a doubles tournament with her mom. In fact, they used to hold the record together in the state. "It's not just stacking." says her mom, Sue.

It's more than the plastic cups. The sport teaches self motivation, hand-eye coordination, and how to market yourself.

"I watch a lot of videos of other stackers." says Anderson, who has a YouTube channel herself.

This week, she's heading to a competition as one of the fastest 400 in the world. The 2018 World Sport Stacking Championship, taking place in Florida. There will be competitors from all around the world. Some who Anderson watches online.

Evan Cloud from Haslet will also be going to the competition.


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