Stevie Ray Vaughan’s first guitar makes it’s way back to Dallas for auction

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DALLAS, TX-- A long lost legendary guitar has made its way back to Dallas and will soon be available for anyone to get their hands on!Be advised, you'll probably need a pretty penny!

Of the 820 items featured in the Heritage Auctions' Entertainment and Music Memorabilia Auction is blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan's first guitar, Jimbo!

"As you can see, this is the 1951 Fender No-caster, first owned by Jimmy and then gifted to Stevie at twelve years old then played by Jimmy until 1971," Garry Shrump with Heritage Auctions said.

"The special thing about this guitar is it's a very rare guitar on it's own. It is a pre-tele-caster. It's a no-caster that was made between February and August of 1951. Less than 100 were made. This is one that Stevie got to learn how to play guitar on."

"You couldn't separate them. He would be carrying it down the street. He would carry it to school. He would sleep with it."

If this is something you`re interested in... You`d better have your money saved up!

"There's only been one Stevie guitar that has went up on the market before and that was Lenny that went up a few years ago and it sold for over $600,000."

While it is a historic piece, you don't have to keep it just for show. You can actually use it for an album of your own.

"It is in great condition. It plays well. You can go on our website and listen to it. It's a fantastic piece of machinery. You can go into the studio and record with it right now," Shrump said.

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