Chew on This: Dallas’ Maple Leaf Diner brings a taste of Canada to Texas

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DALLAS – When you walk in, the first thing you'll notice is an abundance of maple leaves. Then, you'll notice the food. And that's when you'll realize this ain't your average diner. It's the Maple Leaf Diner in Dallas. A place where owner Michael Delaurier is serving Texas faves, with a Canadian twist.

"It's myself and my aunt that started it,” Delaurier told Newsfix. “And we are both from Canada. I felt that in Dallas there are really good high-quality restaurants, but I think all the lower casual dining was really kind of franchise-y. So, we wanted to elevate some diner food and have some good home cooking."

And you don't get anymore elevated than items like the diner burger with triple bacon, stacked high with onion rings.

"It's just really good,” Maple Leaf Diner regular Peter Beaullieu said. “The buns are homemade, the meat has good flavor -- it's well cooked. What more can you ask for? Hand-cut, fresh fries. Where do you get that anymore?"

Then there's the pizza burger – topped with sautéed pepperoni and fried mozzarella cheese. The perfect balance and solution to a dining dilemma.

Chew on This: Maple Leaf Diner is dishing out the not-so-classic southern poutine. On the top is Texas, i.e. chicken fried steak. And underneath… "Cheese curds and our brown beef gravy,” Delaurier said.

And the deep fried mushrooms make for great appetizer while you wait for your massive meal. But what's a diner without breakfast bites – like the chicken bacon and waffles.

So, there you have it. Doesn't matter if you're a native of Canada – or Texas. Come one, come all – just make sure you come hungry!

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