Lyft lists their most popular spots to turn up in Dallas on Opening Day

DALLAS - We know not everybody isn't a fan of baseball, but lots of people are fans of the bar.

"I came here because I heard they were having an opening day celebration so I figured I'd take the day off and come on in," one Rangers fan said on her way into The Rustic.

So when it comes to Opening Day, which spots are the most popular for North Texans who want to turn up outside of Rangers Stadium?

Lyft pulled some of their stats to tell us the best party spots for hardcore Rangers fans who want a pitcher of beer, along with the first pitch.

"We know Texans love The Rangers," said Yohan Bobcombe, the market manager for Lyft DFW. "People definitely want to get out there, get out with friends, make it a social event, and do the responsible thing and take a Lyft to get there."

Hottest spots in Dallas to show some Rangers love? Lyft says fans are heading  to Bottled Blonde, Happiest Hour, Dot's, and The Rustic.

Now if you don't want to sit at the ballpark, you can head to the bar!