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Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano celebrates 10 years fighting hunger

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PLANO – From helping families in need, to seeking help from the community – if you've been in the DFW area for a while, it’s likely you've heard of Minnie's Food Pantry. Well, the organization is celebrating 10 years in the fight against hunger – over 7,000,000 meals and counting. And they're bringing Oprah along for the ride.

"We received craft products of Oprah Winfrey's products 'Oh, That's Good,’” founder Cheryl Jackson told Newsfix. "We'll distribute it to over 4,000 people in our community. Every freezer and refrigerator is completely stocked with ‘Oh, That’s Good’ product. And all that means is that everybody gets a product.”

Ms. Winfrey herself will be in town for the Minnie's Food Pantry 10th Annual Feed Just One Gala on Tuesday, April 3. Morning Dose host Laila Muhammad will be conducting interviews on the red carpet for the event.

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