A Dallas native is behind those gun holding leggings Tomi Lahren is sporting

CEDAR HILL-- You know the conservative political commentator, Tomi Lahren?

Some love her, others can`t stand her.

Either way... everyone is talking about her.

Specifically, a pair of Yoga pants she wore with a pocket in the front to stick her gun in.

The creator of those leggings is Dallas native Amy Robbins.

Her brand, Alexo Athletica was created for women to be able to 'carry with confidence.'

The adorable leggings and stylish jackets are created with a waistband that can hold a phone, credit cards, lip gloss, a knife, mace, and of course a gun.

The most popular pair of pants has 7 pockets!!!

Robbins says the clothing line empowers women to be safe, while being stylish.

"Even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood, that all changes as soon as something happens," said Robbins.

She says women need to believe that they can take care of themselves, and be prepared to take care of themselves.

"Women shouldn`t live paranoid lives, they should live prepared lives, and so the best way to do that is the same way you keep a spare tire in your car. You want to make sure you are prepared for a flat tire, you`re not fearful everyday that you`re going to get a flat tire. And that`s no different than the self defense tools and training that you get to take care of yourself."

After Lahren put the picture of her wearing the leggings on Instagram, a lot of people threw shade at Lahren and the concept of the clothing.

Robbins clapped back by posting videos on her Instagram.

"I just believe that women have the right to defend themselves."

Robbins went to Gabriella Corvina's gym in Cedar Hill on Wednesday to have some boxing lessons and shoot a couple videos together.

You remember Corvina, don't you?

She's behind the YouTube channel, She Action!

NewsFix did a story on her recently, and her efforts to teach self defense through her channel.