The Rangers are DFW’s last hope for playoff games in 2018

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ARLINGTON —There’s a drought here in Texas and it has nothing to do with the weather. It’s all about sports.

As of Tuesday, it’s been 436 days since a DFW team played a playoff game and 687 days since one of our local teams won in the postseason.

2018 is on pace to be record-setting in a bad way. Since the Stars moved to Dallas in ’93, there has only been one year where none of the Big 4 made the playoffs. Well, this year the Boys missed, the Mavs have stunk, and the Stars need an absolute miracle to get in, which means the Texas Rangers are our last hope to keep 2018 from being the second calendar year with no playoff games.

They’ve got a mountain to climb, though. FanGraphs gives them just an 8.3% chance to make the postseason, but that isn’t distracting them from first pitch this Thursday.

“There’s a ton of eagerness. Typically by the last ten days of spring training, everybody’s ready to go,” said Rangers manager Jeff Banister. “There’s a level of intensity and agitation that these guys are ready to go, ready to get this season started.”

Well, maybe it was a sign, with rain pouring down to cancel the year’s final Spring Training game, that the drought will soon be over and Texas will be playing October baseball.

But, seeing as how the Rangers just finished Spring with the worst preseason record in baseball, you might wanna hold back on making those playoff ticket deposits just yet.

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