Morning Hope: Dallas group teaches at-risk kids skills not taught at school

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DALLAS - Stars United Global Outreach is impacting young children all across DFW. In 2015, a small group in Dallas came together with one mission: Teaching at-risk children new skills that aren't being taught in school.

"Like entrepreneurship, which is one of our main focuses. Self awareness, confidence, and things like that, so they can be successful when they graduate high school," director Star Williams says.

Williams and Stars United Global Outreach are creating social change through youth with workshops like the eight week Entrepreneurship class.

"We teach 10 to 18-year-olds how to start a business from start to finish. We get them prepared with creating a plan, budget, and the whole nine yards," she says.

The organization is preparing them for far more than just running a business. "Number one is to change our title of 'at-risk' children to 'at-promise.' These children are promised so much in their future; we just have to give them the tools to do what they want to do," she says.

Children like 10-year-old Kayla. "It means a lot because it gives me more opportunities for my future, so I can start my own business and be my own boss," Kyla says.

And thanks to Stars United Global Outreach, Kyla is well on her way to doing just that -- and she'll take 'The 4 P's' with her. "I've learned price, placement, product and promotion."

"They are learning something that they're passionate about. It's more than math and science -- and we do stress education, going to college, getting that degree -- but we also want our kids to have something that they love, that they cherish, that they are very very proud of," Williams says.

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