Corsicana ape statue returns to community park, driving some bananas

CORSICANA, TX -- The Corsicana ape has escaped! Don't get too excited... he's not on the loose, he's just out from behind bars.

You remember the whole argument, don't you?

Dobby, the gorilla statue lived inside a cage for 20 years at the community park. Until recently. Someone found the gorilla in the cage offensive, complained to the city, and the city hauled Dobby off.

That sparked outrage.

"Yeah, I was so mad." says one Corsicana mom.

After quite a bit of protest, a Facebook page, and city meetings... Dobby is finally back.

But, this time without the cage.

The city says they want him to be portrayed in a lifelike manner, Adding that the cage was a safety issue too.

Either way, kids playing at the park are so happy to have Dobby back that they are literally singing.

"They have a song like, monkey banana, yeah they are singing it." says that same Corsicana mom.

Meanwhile, others are upset it was such an issue in the first place, saying the city took Dobby way without any public input.

"They didn't really solve anything, they just caused more problems." says one woman visiting the park.

And, for those who found it offensive.... well we couldn't find them to ask what they think.

But, if their goal was to free Dobby, well that was accomplished.