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Man charged with murdering elderly woman; may be linked to other murder attempts

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PLANO- Billy Chemirmir is sitting behind bars after police say he murdered 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris in her Dallas home earlier this week.

But the cops don’t think this was his first offense.

“We know that Richardson may have one or two cases there, other cities may as well,” said Plano Police Chief Gregory Rushin.

Police in Plano say Chemirmir is also suspected in a case where a 91-year-old victim was smothered with a pillow until she passed out.

“During the Plano offense, the suspect forced his way into the apartment and told the victim, ‘Go to bed, don’t fight me,'” Rushin said. “She complied and the suspect put a pillow over her face, causing her to lose consciousness, and he then stole her jewelry after assaulting her.”

Plano police got a tip to start tailing Chemirmir, and caught him throwing away a jewelry box and some other items at his apartment complex.

A name written inside the jewelry led them to a home, where Dallas Police found Harris’ body.

“They were unable to get in, so they forced the door open and found the 81-year-old resident deceased in the bedroom,” Rushin said. “Evidence at the scene suggested the victim may have been suffocated with a pillow, as it was in the Plano offense.”

Police say he may have attacked women in Frisco as well.

“Once in custody, Frisco police served an attempted capital murder warrant on Chemirmir for an October 2017 case,” Rushin said. “In this case a 93-year-old woman was attacked in her home by a black male posing as a maintenance worker, and a pillow was placed over her face to smother her as in the other attacks.”

Police say Chemirmir spent time working in health care facilities with the elderly. Now they’re working to find out if there may be more victims.

“We’re going to make an attempt to identify all the victims in communities across the metroplex,” Rushin said.

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