Happy National Puppy Day! Does yours have one of the Top 10 dog names?

Happy National Puppy Day Friday, March 23!

Move over, Rover. To the left, Lassie. The American Kennel Club releases annually the most popular dog names, bestowed during the given year to our best furry friends -- and they're probably all names you've been hearing lately. Sometimes at the vet, sometimes at a baby shower, sometimes when you're talking to yourself in the mirror or maybe to a stranger at the club while you're living an innocent little fantasy. Anyway...¬†ūüź∂ūüėÉ

These are the Top 10 Names by the end of last year. Ladies first!

Top 10 Names for Female Dogs

10.  Sophie
9.     Bailey
8.     Maggie
7.     Molly
6.     Sadie
5.     Lola
4.     Luna
3.     Daisy
2.     Lucy
1.     Bella

Top 10 Names for Male Dogs

Male Female
10.  Tucker
9.     Duke
8.     Bear
7.     Oliver
6.     Rocky
5.     Jack
4.     Buddy
3.     Cooper
2.     Charlie
1.     Max

Were you surprised? AKC recommends using shorter names for dogs -- one or two syllables -- because they come out quickly and are short enough to get your pooch's attention.

So THAT'S why Elizabella and Feliciano never come when you call them!