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Class Act: First in her family to go to college, this student is off to Harvard

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DALLAS — There are still modern day trailblazers, clearing the way for the future generations and communities. Molly Martinez is one of these intrepid few, and she’s our Class Act of the Week.

Molly is a senior at Dallas' Booker T. Washington, where she shows her passion for music through the viola and the school’s gospel choir.

“I just love the way you can express yourself through music and your emotions, and I think it really is a universal language,” Molly said.

She’s hitting all the right notes outside the music rooms, too. This fall, Molly will be the first in her family to go to college, and it’s not any ordinary college. She’ll be attending Harvard.

Molly gives all the credit for this huge achievement to the generations that came before her, including her grandmother. “She used to work on a farm picking cotton and she wasn’t able to have the same education I was afforded,” Molly said. “I use that imagery of like, I’m doing a different kind of work, in the same way. I’m picking the same cotton, creating a new path for girls in my family and girls in my community.”

At Harvard, she wants to study government and one day go into politics or the judiciary. She’s already got a big head start, as a member of the Dallas City Youth Commission -- just one more thing on her unbelievably busy schedule.

“It requires sacrifice, but it’s so worth it because me getting to accomplish what I’ve accomplished, it’s not just for me,” she said. “And to me, that’s the most important thing -- setting a precedent for people in my community, for representing Latinas in such a great way. That is important to me.”

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