Chew on This: Ocean Prime hosts ‘Sip & Savor’ for International Whiskey Day

DALLAS – This week's Chew on This is more of a ‘Sip’ on this – or guzzle – depending on what you prefer. We're talking whiskey, just in time for International Whiskey Day – which takes place March 27th. And who better than to spill the deets on the brown beverage than Alex Anagnostis – bartender at Dallas' Ocean Prime.

"Whiskey's great,” Anagnostis told Newsfix. "It's something that Texans love. It goes great with citrus, it goes great with berries, it goes great with fresh herbs. People think brown liquor does something different than a vodka or gin. It has the same effect."

And some cocktails that'll change the mind of anyone who's whiskey worried include the classic mint julep – but with a twist. And the whiskey clover.

"Which is our spin on a classic Side Car, which has cognac and Cointreau,” Anagnostis said. “We add whiskey to ours with honey. It's really creamy and mild. The citrus really pops."

Sip on This: Ocean Prime is pairing whiskey with food for their Sip & Savor event happening Monday, March 26th.

"We're gonna have a bunch of whiskeys for everybody to taste,” Anagnostis said. “Chef is going to compliment all the whiskeys with fun appetizers to taste. It's just fun event. It's out here on the patio. The weather's beautiful.”

For more info about Sip & Savor, click here.

Bottoms up!