Blake’s Snow Shack: First Texas business owner with Down syndrome rings NYSE opening bell

SANGER, TX-- It`s a big day for the first business owner with down syndrome in Texas.

You remember Blake Pyron ... owner of Blake`s Snow Shack in downtown Sanger?!

Really, how could you forget him?!

His business appeared on Sharktank, he was offered a deal from the Board Room, his business logo even appeared on a NASCAR, and (with some help) he created a scholarship for others to follow in his footsteps.

Blake, those are some big shoes to fill, man!

Just when you thought he'd accomplished all of his dreams... there`s more.

Thursday, he became the first business owner with Down Syndrome to ring the New York stock exchange opening bell!

A leader for the state of Texas, now leading the way for the nation!

if you're looking for something to invest in, our money is on Blake!