Experts meet with Plano city council over water concerns

PLANO- The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has spent the past week assuring Plano residents that their water is safe to drink after some residents complained that it smelled a little, and had a weird taste.

Plant officials made a special presentation to the city council Tuesday night to prove what they're doing to the water is a routine process that they've conducted yearly for about a decade.

"We turn the ammonia off for a 28 day period, and that's to make sure that we have a healthy system going into the summer months when chlorine residuals are harder to maintain," said Mike Rickman from NTMWD.

But clean water activist Erin Brockovich isn't believing it.

Somehow Plano's water concerns got on her radar, and she's been coming for the water district on Facebook claiming that they're "cutting corners," and "have failed."

"Chlorine is something that's been in use for over a century for disinfection of water, chloramine which is the addition of ammonia to chlorine, has also been used in the water treatment plant process," Rickman said.

The water treatment is supposed to wrap up on March 26th, and district officials say they're just trying to let residents know that, according to regulations, the water's all good.

"We produce a very high quality water, it is safe for human consumption, and it continues to meet all state and federal regulatory requirements," Rickman said.