Three bodies recovered in two vehicles following FIU collapsed bridge accident

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MIAMI, FL-- It was a tragedy that no one saw coming. Now, recovery workers have pulled two vehicles from the rubble of a collapsed pedestrian bridge in Florida.

"Earlier this morning, finally our crews that were assisting us in this process were successful after hours and hours of incredible work that they've been doing, were successful in removing two vehicles from under that rubbish. What I can tell you right now: we've discovered three bodies within these two vehicles," Juan Perez with the Miami-Dade Police Department said in a press conference on Saturday.

Six people were killed when the span gave way Thursday; four bodies have been since been recovered.

There's believed to be two more bodies and four cars left in the rubble.

Crews said the goal is to handle this process with care.

"We were trying to do this also to salvage as much as possible of these vehicles and obviously out of respect for the victims that are in there so our personnel are doing this very carefully. The other part of it is as these individuals, these victims are being brought out we're paying them respect with a moment of silence," Perez said.

While police are honoring those victims, they are continuing the long road to finding answers.

"We will do the parallel investigations, at least the on the road part of the parallel investigation as quickly as possible and we will then expedite the removal of the rubbish to the best extent possible so that we can open this valuable roadway," Miami-Dade County Deputy Mayor Maurice Kemp said.

So far, we know that there was a missed message from a engineer who warned the State of "some cracking".

It seems that missed message might have cost people their lives.


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