The Compassion Experience comes to Plano, demonstrating life in an underdeveloped country

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PLANO - The Compassion Experience has rolled into Plano this weekend, offering families the chance to learn what it's like living in an underdeveloped country through the eyes of a child.

"It sheds a light on what's really happening around you and our lush lives that we have," one woman said after completing the tour.  "Even when we think we have it bad, there are people in other places that have it a lot worse than we do."

The free interactive walk-through guides you through the tour with audio testimonials of children overseas, giving a taste of what it's like to live through challenges like the AIDS epidemic and extreme poverty.

"I feel kind of sad and emotional because they actually have to go through all of this," one young man said after completing the tour. "They suffer through all of this, so I feel like I should do something to help them."

The tour ends by offering visitors the chance to sponsor their own child in an impoverished country for $38 a month, and visitors say it's hard to leave without wanting to help.

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